Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Phrases Of Edmw

EDMWers uses alot of acronyms, abbreviations, and phrases in the forum. This is likely due to avoiding the direct use of profanities which can lead to moderators to have the thread deleted.

Many of the abbreviations are short-forms of the Hokkien language, as with most vulgar phrases that are spoken in Singapore.

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Ah Tiong

Hokkien for China man/China woman
Refers to Chinese nationals. Also see ATB.


Short for Ang Moh Dua Kee/Ang Moh Dua Liap, both Hokkien terms.
A variant of Ang Moh, a term used to describe European descent people (i.e. white people). "Dua Kee" and "Dua Liap" literally mean "big cock" and "big tits" respectively. Metaphorically, it refers to their "bigger" status in Singapore.

Andy Lau

Refers to the hong kong singer's perceived good looks.
Refers to BBFAs who are picky about women's looks, despite not being good looking themselves.


Abbreviation for Hokkien for China woman
Refers to Chinese national women. Normally in a dirty context, eg prostitutes.


Abbreviation for Ah Tiong Bu De Cheese Pie Jin Ho Jiak
Literally, China national women's virginias are tasty. One of EDMW's censored words.


"Ai Sio Gan Mai" in Hokkien
Translated loosely as a word to initiate the act or an invitation to sexual intercourse and copulation.



Short for Bui Bui Forever Alone
Bui Bui = Hokkien for fatty, so BBFA = forever alone fatty. Said to make up the majority of EDMWers, the BBFA is a Singaporean distant relative of the ang moh neckbeard. BBFAs are bitter, socially awkward, and have trouble finding love.


Degree (as in bachelor, masters, etc).
Corrupted spelling of "degree". See also jod.


"Bian Tai Shu Shu" in Hokkien
Literally translated as a 'perverted uncle' or used to describe an overaged 21+ year old juvenile who has a nack for perverted thoughts


Short for "Bo xiong ai gong wei"/"bo xiong mai gong wei".
Hokkien phrase, loosely translated it means "how dare you talk without pictures [as proof]?", or "if you don't have pictures, don't talk". BXAGW is typically seen in GIF responses to those who don't back up their threads with pictures as proof. Less common than NPNT (see below).



"Chee Bye" in Hokkien
A word to describe the private part of a female.


Short for circuit breaker
SG gahmen term for soft lockdown during Wuhan virus crisis in 2020. Not to be confused with the original meaning of CB.


"Chao Chee Bye" in Hokkien
Smelly Virgina.


Short for Comprehensive Economic Cooperative Agreement
Short hand for Indian nationals, especially PMETs. Often derogatory. Use this word to get NTUC points free (see below for definition of NTUC points).


Short for Cool Story Bro
Used to dismiss stories, e.g. about going on dates with hot women, as fake.


Abbreviation for Crime Scene Investigation, as in the TV show.
EDMW short hand for doxxing, i.e. finding out the personal details of someone, usually the aggressor in a saga, and using that to harass said person. Also refers to EDMW's "team" of people who are experts at doxxing.


A euphemism for "Chee bye"
Trivial- It is actually the proper name for cheesecake as the latter does not have layers, icing, frosting and isn't cakelike in texture — it consists of only crust and filling.


(corrupted spelling for) You
EDMW's term for a 2nd-party referral of 'you'. Part of the EDMW language.


Shortened version of adult video code
Password used to access adult videos, normally JAV. (see below)


Diam Diam

"Keep Quiet" in Hokkien, a milder form of "STFU".
Can be used in jest or part of an angry post or flame depending on the context of the message.


Short for Diamond Cheese Pie.
Refers to ultra rich women, e.g. Jamie Chua or Kim Lim.



The sound of masturbation.
Used by an EDMWer to describe a woman he thinks sexually attractive. Can also be used as an adjective, e. g. "this chiobu jin faps" (this woman is highly attractive). See also zhut zhut.



Short for Golden Cheese Pie.
Derogatory term which refers to women, often Singaporeans, who are demanding and materialistic.


Got Picture Got Talk
This word is used frequently as a one liner reply when a forum member claims that he/she had witnessed an incident or saw a person with accompanying pictorial evidence to back his/her claim.


Got Video Got Talk
This word is used frequently as a one liner reply when a forum member claims that he/she had witnessed an incident or saw a person with accompanying Video recording evidence. A bonus to the standard pictorial evidence claim.



Short for internet brigade.
Similar to wumao/50 cent party, this is a derogatory term for EDMWers who support the PAP. Basically, accusing them of being part of an alleged group paid to spread pro-PAP views online. In some other contexts, IB may also refer to Investment Banking/Bankers.





Short for Japanese Adult Video.
Aka Japanese prawn.


Abbreviation for Jiu Hu Kia.
Hokkien term for Malaysian people, especially Malaysian Chinese. Often derogatory.


Short for Ji ji wai wai.
Taiwanese slang. Used to lambast a person for making comments/whines/complaints over a situation. Similar to KPKB, but JJWW is more specific: JJWW is used to scold someone who whines when he has no power against or has no place to do so. Full sexplanation and origin of the phrase can be found here.


Job (employment).
Corrupted spelling of "job". See also begree.


Short for Jin Satki Mens.
Used ironically or sarcastically to refer to someone's "coolness".



KKJ = Ku Ku Jiao
See Nan Jiao


"Kan Nin Na" In Hokkien.
Translated loosely as "Fuck your mother" (Short form for KNNB)


"Kan Nin Na Bu" In Hokkien
Translated loosely as "Fuck your mother". Rude phrase, and you may qualify for NTUC points if the mods see it being used.


"Kan Nin Na Bu Ah Pua Chee Bye" in Hokkien
Translated it means "F u c k your mother's broken virgina" (Requires Verification)


Unclear origin, possibly a corruption of the older term kapo (origin also unclear for that).
It means to "steal" picture, and pass them off as one's own. See EDMWer Glariel's entry for an infamous koping incident.



"Lan Jiao" in Hokkien.
A word to describe the penis of a male.



"Mai ka li gong hor li gian" in Hokkien.
Don't tell you in order to make you yearn for the answer more.


me / mine / my


Nan Jiao

Obsolete. A corrupted spelling of "Lan Jiao" in Hokkien. Can also be literally translated as "Man Bird"
A word to describe the penis of a male.

Neh Neh

Neh Neh
Boobies, or Breasts. Hokkien iteration of the female mammary glands on her chest.


No Money No Honey Nobody Loves Me
Was once often used by single EDMW-ers. Mostly an obsolete phrase. Is always followed by a :( smiley.


"Nin Na Bu"
in Hokkien "Your Mother" which in actual translation to English translates loosely to "Screw Your Mom"


(corrupted spelling for) Not
Part of EDMW language

Notch Simpur/Not Simple

Refers to simple posts in the form of stories, which actually have a deeper meaning and often refer to a political situation.
Classic non EDMW sexample: mrbrown Bak Chor Mee podcast, which on the surface is a sketch about a bak chor mee stallholder. Actually a reference to the james gomez saga in the 2006 general election.


No Picture No Talk
This is used when a forum member claims that he/she witnessed an incident or saw a person but without providing pictorial evidence, which also has claimed to be the number one rule in EDMW forum. Probably a literal translation of "bo xiong mai gong wei" (BXMGW, see above).

NTUC Points

Refers to infraction points
Used jokingly to refer to infraction points gained for forum misbehaviour.



Oh My Fucking God
An Exclamation


Oh My Fucking God, Barbecued P3wned
Mostly an obsolete phrase. An exclamation 1 level up from the above. The word 'P3wned' comes from a gaming lingo which arose from a scenario of someone on the receiving end of an instant death shot by someone weaker despite holding the appearance of being the bigger adversary. The entire exclamation phrase is uttered when someone shot his/her own foot thoroughly either through his/her usual actions, post, threads or choice of words.



(corrupted spelling for) Pornography
EDMW's term for sexual explicit media.


Short for "Pa Chew Cheng", literally translated from Hokkien as "shooting hand gun".
Translated it means to masturbate, which also means sexually pleasing one self. Sometimes jokingly referred to as Playing Chinese Chess. Mostly obsolote, replaced by fap.


Short for Post Cow Warrior
Refers to EDMWers who hiong hiong try to boost their post count by spamming +1. Famous sexamples include MrSinkie95.

Pruss Wan

(corrupted spelling for) Plus One
used in response to incoherent or pointless posts, or when the forum member has little or no interest in the subject matter . Literally means an addition of +1 to the poster's total post count. Part of EDMW language.


(corrupted spelling for) Own
Originally a gaming term, now used in EDMW to refer to incidents where someone is humiliated or dominated. The term "self-pwn" is used for those who inflict damage on themselves.



Mole that grow on Neh Nehs (that is, nipples).



Corrupted spelling of source.
Used when asking someone for proof of their claims, usually a link to an article.


Sharing Is Caring
This word is used when a forum member wants someone else to share 'interesting' stuff with everyone, including (but not limited) peektures, JAV codes, and videos.


"Si Mi Lam Pa Ji?"
Obsolete. Bluntly translated "What testicles?". But what the author is trying to exclaim is "what the fuck?"


"Si Mi Lan Jiao?"
Bluntly translated as "What Penis?". But what the author is trying to exclaim is " WHAT THE FUCK?"


"Shut The Fuck Up"
Literal meaning. Used in conjunction with an angry post, a flame or a flamebait giving the other party a direct order to simply… Shut Up and stop posting. Users may be infracted for using this.



Rare. Usually used in referral to either ladyboys, transversites or any female with hormone imbalance problem or a walking fashion disaster making her look like half a man.
The full phrase goes, "Transformers… Lan Jiao bian Cheesepie." (or "Transversites, penis changes to vagina.")


Short for Thread Starter
Refers to the user who first started a discussion thread. Equivalent to the term OP used elsewhere.



SLOW spelled in backwards.
Refers to threadstarter's slowness in posting news that has already been previously reported by another fellow forum member hours, days, or even weeks before.


"What The Fuck".
Used in an exclamation context of expressing surprise, shock or in rare cases, extreme joy.


Zhup/curry zhup

Hokkien for "sauce".
Used as an alternative to "sauce", ie asking someone for proof of claims.

Zhut Zhut

Kissing/sucking breast sound.
Used by EDMWers to refer to attractive girls. The term began rising in popularity in 2020. Also see fap.
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