Ahgong Hippo
Date Joined : 12-04-2006
Member Rank : Supremacy Member
Member Status : Active

ahgong_hippo ish a forum hippo of Eat-Drink-Boi-Hippo, part of HardwareZone forums.

He ish rikes cute boibois and is also the grand patriarch of the EDMW hippo clan. All his descendants are possibly the results of his excess horniness although it is unknown who and how many he piaked to have such a number of offspring.

On Friday, October 12th 2007, it was discovered that ahgong_hippo had a son known as hipcow_didi. Its was revealed that he had a relationship with ahgong_moomoo leading to hipcow_didi existence.

However, the nature of such reproduction is highly questionable as it involves two ahgongs aka two kkjs. Rumour has it that hipcow_didi was instead created using EDMW's top secret croning facilities.

As researched carried on, EDMW NEWS came to another conclusion that one of the ahgong could possibly be a transformer, thereby leading to such a possibility. And as ahgong_hippo's nature involves having a sexual preference for cute boibois, it seems even more likely that ahgong_hippo is a transformer and a paedophile transformer at that

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