EDMW Fights Back

EDMWers everywhere questioned their online privacy (or lack thereof) which eventually resulted in an article in The New Paper on how exactly Odex had managed to obtain their details.

Mr Peter Go, another director of Odex revealed that they had hired an American company (later revealed to be BayTSP) specialising in tracing copyright breaches of intellectual property to scan bittorrent IP addresses. These IP addresses were then used to obtain court orders forcing ISPs to hand over user information to Odex. When asked to remark about the state of anime downloading in Singapore, Mr Go said the now-infamous "It is very sad".

However, none of them knew that the tide was about to turn against them.

A rather well-known forummer in EDMW going by the nickname of The_Davis noticed some intriguing comments in the ASEAN SCORD forums made by someone named 'xysing' which was a known alias of the Odex director, Stephen Sing


The above comments posted on a now legendary thread called 'Stephen Sing - Odex director' sparked off rumours in EDMW of whether it really was Mr Sing gloating about suing the downloaders. Investigations by EDMW's CSI team confirmed that xysing was indeed Mr Stephen Sing himself. The outcry that followed shook Singapore's online community at its foundations. Did anime lovers finally have a way to turn the tide against the onslaught of Odex? Were these childish and unnecessary remarks made by the head honcho of Odex spell the beginning of the end for them?

The war was on and EDMW was at the front line.

The battle plan was drawn. EDMWers would flame and insult Odex to no end. The purpose of this action was to draw public attention to Odex's nefarious deeds and hopefully, put and end to this relentless onslaught by Odex. The plan worked and The New Paper's front page was graced by Mr Sing.

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