Edmw Hall Of Self Pwned

Occasionally, some EDMWers declared certain type of statements and made a wager on it, typically with their head, penis or scrotum.
More often than not, their statements have been proved otherwise and many EDMWers insist on getting their forfeit.

Recently, some forumers have been posting threads that self-pwn themselves - most of them priding on their own sense of superior ego in the forum.

Honour Roll


Arrogant guy who goes around trolling everyone.
One day he decides to flash his tiny penis while eating his mcdelivery mcchicken burger



Self-proclaimed most intelligent person in EDMW, he made a famous quote, "THERE IS NO COUNTRY THAT BEGINS WITH THE LETTER O", which forumers subsequently easily disputed with Wikipedia links to countries starting with the letter 'O'.


Also known as Orleng Head.


Caught by sister PCCing at home because he didn't lock the door


Has permanent ejaculations problems with his KKJ.

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