Edmw Hall Of Shame and Infamy

Occasionally, some EDMWers declared certain type of statements and made a wager on it, typically with their head, penis or scrotum.
More often than not, their statements have been proved otherwise and many EDMWers insist on getting their forfeit.

Recently, some forumers have been posting threads that self-pwn themselves - most of them priding on their own sense of superior ego in the forum. Some have even been caught committing real crimes such as molest and murder.

Honour Roll


Arrogant guy who goes around trolling everyone.
One day he decides to flash his tiny penis while eating his mcdelivery mcchicken burger



Self-proclaimed most intelligent person in EDMW, he made a famous quote, "THERE IS NO COUNTRY THAT BEGINS WITH THE LETTER O", which forumers subsequently easily disputed with Wikipedia links to countries starting with the letter 'O'.


Also known as Orleng Head.


Caught by sister PCCing at home because he didn't lock the door


Has permanent ejaculations problems with his KKJ.


There was a news report abt a deceased girl and bman75 go inform facebook this girl has passed away and fb memorialize her acct, prevent her loved ones from accessing it. very chek ark person.

Meat Bao

His name is Paul Cheng Jun Hong. Went to jail for molesting a girl on their first date. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/man-molested-coffee-meets-bagel-date-jurong-bird-park-jail-10564758


Said to be the biggest self-pwn in EDMW history. Had his medical registration suspended indefinitely by the Medical Board of Australia for saying “Some women deserve to be raped, and that supercilious little bitch fits the bill in every way”, amongst many other controversial statements.


After arguing with his pregnant wife over the fees on Jan 20, 2017, Teo Ghim Heng was so overwhelmed with anger that he looped a towel around her neck, strangled her with it for 15 minutes, and then finished the job with his bare hands. He then turned his attention to his child and killed her the same way.


Boasted on EDMW that he managed to get a $500 unemployment relief cash payout from gahmen, without him giving any support documents. As of April 2020, identified already and will soon be invited to lim kopi.


In April 2020, he shared a Taiwan news clip on suspected salary of Temasek Holding CEO Mdm Ho Ching. This was debunked as fake news by Ministry of Finance, and they issued POFMA notice to some oppies who spread the news and him. The first such case in EDMW.


2 days before the 2020 erection, he promised to chop his KKJ and GPGT if PAP "lost a single GRC", and asked mods to pban if he broke his promise. PAP lost two GRCs. No chop, so he got banned.

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