Edmw Language

Apart from the acronyms and abbreviations, some EDMWers uses EDMW language for thread titles and replies.
Sentence structure is also overly simplified than standard English.

Chiu and ish

EDMW language

I ish wans to dies o'reallies.
Chiu ish dies o'reallies


I ish wanna up lorry orlaydy


I want to die already.
You die already.

Standard English

I am dying soon.
You are going to die.

Chiu is the corrupted spelling of "you".

ish is the corrupted spelling of "is".
Unlike the standard english's "is", ish is used after any pronoun.

eg. I ish … , Chiu ish … , He/She ish …

Prefix of the letter S with words starting with EX

In EDMW, The letter 'S' is often included in front of words that start with 'EX', thus making the words seemingly associated with sex.

Excuse - Sexcuse me 
Expensive - That is so Sexpensive!
Explain - Please Sexplain that
Exams - I need to study for my Sexams
Examine - We need to Sexamine your blains
Exposed - He has been Sexposed!
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