Date Joined : 30-08-2008
Member Rank : Great Supremacy Member
Member Status : Most of the time banned
Signature : QUOTE Moonnite_Firefly;60827802]next time when moi grow up, moi also want to be as lihai as keverus gorgor~~QUOTE

A dua hee kang (big ear hole) who likes to spam +1 threads and often get into trouble with HWZ rules. 20 days out of a month his status would most likely reflect as "banned".

Known to have lousy taste on chio bu but always go around telling everyone he is not an OKT (pimp). Probably using reverse psychology to convince people he is an OKT.

With his taste, his OKT business would most likely collapse within 2 or 3 days with zookeepers catching all his chimpanzees back to zoo.

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