Nachtsider "The Cockroach"
Date Joined : 10000BC
Member Rank : Supreme Pinoy Leader
Member Status : Cockroach
Signature : "Pinoys will rule the world…"

A ninnabu pinoy cockroach doctor who claims to know all pinoys on earth. He works and resides in Australia, and is also well known to practice Kamasutra as a religion.

It is rumored that his hospital in Australia has the highest ED and premature ejaculations in the world due to his constant nurse screwing and consistently posting ran jiao weis in edmw.

He has a chio Pinoy wife and will rape her every other day. There's some tiagong that he was forced into the marriage because his wife had threatened to report him to Rodrigo Duterte for raping her insufficiently, after he spiked her curry then failed raped her due to his soft short dick.

Famous for being a shortie.

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