Date Joined : 02-10-2013
Member Rank : Legendary loser and biggest self pawn in edmw
Member Status : Abandoned his account
Signature : "I talk big everywhere. And getting punished in Australia for talking big on SG forum? You must be joking "

Inbred asswipe pignoy fuck Christopher Lee Kwan Chen who dared to argue and bark on much on edmw only to get bashed repeatedly. Nothing surprising with his iq of 86

Always yapping about how NSF are guniangs but inbred sub human christopher is the ultimate guniang for lacking balls and deleting his social media accounts and posts on edmw.

Truly an epic trash talker and the biggest failure in life in edmw history

Scums like Christopher Lee Kwan Chen clearly need to be gassed at Auschwitz to keep this planet clean and free from filth instead :D

Hard truths for the many butthurt sore losers in life like pinoy doc who cannot accept it :D**

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