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Our dearest EDMW admin gave his thumbs up about this wiki ! :D

Dr.Vijay : This is excellent! I didn't know about it and I finally found out the recently new lingo used here - 'Transformers', heh :)

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Even moderator Kiwi8 says so :D

Kiwi8 : Wow, really informative aspects of EDMW!

EDMW Language

Lingo used in the forum are known collectively as the EDMW Language.

Acronyms And Abbreviations Of EDMW

A list of Acronyms And Abbreviations Of EDMW, commonly used in the forum.

Pictorial Messages

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words - image macros used in the forum are listed in the Pictorial Messages page.

Noteworthy events of EDMW

The history of EDMW is long and mostly full of garbage - however, sometimes important events occur in
EDMW, and they are listed in the Noteworthy Events of EDMW page.

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