Noteworthy Events Of Edmw


SPH's Acquisition of HWZ



Responses to the ODEX saga in EDMW shows the reactions of forumers to the questionable behaviour of ODEX with regards to anime fansubs.


Nachtsider Saga

Described as the biggest self-pwn in EDMW history. In April 2019, infamous EDMWer and doctor Christopher Lee Kwan Chen (forum nick: Nachtsider) was suspended after an investigation into some controversial comments he made on the forums. As of August 2020, nothing is known about him except that his medical licence remains suspended.


CAL Mini-Saga

In August 2020, moderators began moving threads that they determined were political to the Current Affairs Lounge subforum. Because many of these threads happened to be about CECA (one of EDMW's "favourite" discussion topics), EDMWers raised concerns about the reason for this. A few have already been banned for doing so. Whether this will erupt into something bigger is as yet unknown.

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