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Knn, this was not the case for me when I was in Shanghai last mth

I was there for 2 weeks. So on Saturday
I was nursing a hangover so my female friend suggested we go massage. (my friend was at shanghai for business trip, so I tot we can 'hang out' over the weekend, if u know wat I mean )

The place was clean type, well my friend chose the place, and she said she treat me, it was cheap. Only 198rmb for 2 hours

We changed and waited in the room
Her massuer was an aunty and mine a uncles in his 50s, speaks abit gayish
Then halfway thru the massage, I noticed the the uncle keep massage my privates. Nbz I tot massage abit

As our package was 1hr full body massage, 1 hr foot massage. My friend left the room
Then knn, the uncle massage my privates even more, with his hands
Then he keep going on n on, then he look at my kkj and and commented and said '哇, 还比我的大'
Then he went full on to pcc.then I said uncles, have to come anot ?
He said '快点'
After a while, I pew, uncle still say '这个颜色健康'
Wah knn, I feel sibeh er man

After massage, already sian 1/2, nightmare Liao, no happy ending with friend at night back at hotel, lagi dulan

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