Initial responses on receiving the Odex letter

EDMW is a haven for casual anime fans and hardcore Otaku alike. It came as a rude shock to many when the first letters by Odex were received by downloaders of free fansubs threatening legal action against them unless they paid a settlement fee of between $3000 to $5000.

Anime fans everywhere were astounded how such a little-known company like Odex had managed to secure their identities and more importantly, did they really have the legal right to demand settlement fees? And why such an exorbitant amount of money?

Also, it was noticed that Odex's own VCD and DVD releases were of atrocious quality in both video clarity and accuracy of subtitles. When faced with these accusations, one of Odex's directors, Mr Stephen Sing countered with a response that would become infamous in EDMW: "Perception problem"

It did not help when EDMW forummers realsied that the initial batch of anime downloaders were coincidentally signed up with Singnet as their ISP

The initial outcry was massive but the woes of the anime-loving online community went mostly unheard by the general public who still had the perception problem that all forms of media downloads are illegal.

However, all of that changed when The New Paper reported a case where a nine year old boy received a letter from Odex demanding a settlement fee and an EDMW forummer noticed some rather unusual remarks made on another online forummer going by the nickname of 'xysing'

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