Xiang887 aka Scrabby
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Signature : when i bet football i seldom lose :)

xiang887 is an ex police officer who now work as a cab driver. Unanimously regarded as EDMW Claypot (Sabo) king or Jinx master for his tips on football. He used to be on another account with nick of CM (some numbers behind it).

He single handedly contributed to 90% of Singapore's suicide rate by producing wrong football tips. However it is worth noting that some had became a millionaire by consistently betting against him.

According to some top accountant in edmw, xiang887 still owes edmw a total of 3759368 kkjs. That was because in the past he would always use his kkj to back up his tips but have never honored his words. To avoid his kkjs debt, xiang887 can be now seen with using his imaginary aunt to give tips instead.

He is reportedly now using a new nick Scrabby, but as usual his lack of kkjs give him away.

xiang887 is also a shameless person who can often be seen with his self promoting post:

That's right, master xiang is now giving tips. Witness the amazing tips analysis by universe famous tipster, master Xiang.

Everyone from hwz to betting forums have benefitted from his awesome tips.

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Master Xiang has won fans over the universe, earning stardom not just from his betting tips, but from his incredible good looks and personality.

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from 2016 he joined Standard Taxi Facebook group and continued giving football tips and became a FB legend.

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